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Reptilian brain

We humans have all inherited remnants of the “reptilian brain”, by which I indicate the autonomic/emotional core that is found throughout the animal kingdom. This primitive element of our brain can come under the influence of the rational, cortical brain, yet strong emotions can escape logical control.┬áIf they could not, we would probably never fall in love! Continue reading


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God’s Deranged Warriors

He threw away his life and the lives of others in the mistaken belief that he was not throwing away the only life that he will ever have in exchange for nothingness. He, Islamic puritan though he might have claimed to be, expected to be rewarded for his crime with ownership of some mythical number of virgins, presumably without veils etcetera. This is what comes of sexual repression! Muslims might despise American sexual freedom, but their notion of Paradise necessarily includes licence for sexual license. Continue reading

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